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If you answered YES above, you are not alone.

But what do most speakers do?

They chase. They strategize. They connect with the wrong decision makers in corporate environments. 

They experience a lot of rejection, throw up their arms and quit. 


They go back to speaking in front of audiences with no money and hope to pick up a client or two here and there. 

They throw money at a goal of reaching a certain number of clients, only to end up with a trickle of sales…if they’re lucky.  

But Professional Paid Speakers go about it a different way. A smarter way. 

The problem is, most speakers run from networking meeting to speaking gig, not paying attention to the fact that they’re speaking to the wrong audience. People who aren’t qualified to work with them, aren't interested in what they have to offer and aren’t ever going to invest.  

How do you get to the audiences who can pay??? 

What if I told you that hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent MONTHLY for trainers within corporations or speakers at conferences? 

Isn’t that really what you’re looking for?  

Before Get Booked, Get Paid

After Get Booked, Get Paid

“There’s no bigger rush than standing in front of a room with 1000 people, sharing your genius with all eyes on you.” Juliet Dillion Clark

A room full of the RIGHT people is the difference between a successful entrepreneur speaker and an unsuccessful one.  

Imagine if you could:

  • Easily attract decision makers to consistently book you for corporate gigs 
  • Close more sales because you’re a recognized corporate trainer 
  • Attract more gigs because you are speaking at the right conferences and venues 
  • Become an in-demand influencer who speaks on TV, radio and major networks 
  • Leverage your new connections to build a private practice of C-suite clients  

That is the power of Get Booked Get Paid!  


Hi. I’m Elizabeth Bachman founder of Strategic Speaking for Results. After directing more than 50 operas around the world — working with such luminaries as Luciano Pavarotti & Placido Domingo —I decided to use my wealth of tools to help business professionals become respected presenters.  

I’m THE go-to person for advanced level training in Speaking, Presentation Skills, Sales and Leadership. Fluent in 5 languages, I’m adept at working with presenters from many countries. I’ve been featured in numerous media interviews alongside - among others - business greats Dr. Ivan Meisner, Dan Kennedy & Steve Forbes. This global presence has served me well throughout my speaking career. I bring that international experience to my clients.  

While I was moving up the ranks in the speaking world, I spent years speaking to groups who LOVED what I had to say and BEGGED to work with me. But when I shared the investment their faces would fall flat. They just couldn’t afford my services.  

I was fed up! 

This program was born out of my own pain. I committed the time to position myself for the corporate market, and now I’m a highly sought-after speaker! Companies don’t bat an eye when I tell them what my speaking fees are. With a lifetime spent perfecting the art of presenting, I’m passionate about helping my fellow speakers get the:  

Income you need • Allies you want • Recognition you deserve 

 Because you should get paid what you are worth!  


As a speaker and strategist, the Get Booked, Get Paid system has helped me get training gigs with large companies like Turner Construction Co., Bank of America, McKesson, Position Digital Marketing, Hunter Hawk Manufacturing and many more.  

I wrote the ultimate guide for entrepreneur speakers How to Get Booked as a Speaker: Taking Your Show on the Road. Now I have adapted this system for speakers & trainers who want to fill their calendars with lucrative speaking gigs. 

Let me help YOU!  

Let us bottom line it for you More Bookings with the RIGHT audiences = More revenue  

Here are just a few ways the Get Booked, Get Paid course is a game changer for you:  

  • Get clarity on your niche and where to find them 
  • Put together the package a speaker bureau wants to see 
  • Rework your speaker sheet for your ideal market 
  • Get It Done time where you will focus on your list of prospects – no more procrastinating
  • Phone Scripts so that when you call a prospect you know exactly how to get them excited 
  • Get hot referrals from other speakers 
  • Advanced Training on finding new qualified leads 
  • AND – enjoy special Expert Training on specific tools such as how to get on TV, what do meeting planners really want, and what the corporations need from you when you talk to them.  

Work less, earn more isn’t an urban myth. When you qualify your leads ahead of time, you can cut your enrollment time in half and earn more per lead.  

Does that sound good to you?  

 “I’ve been doing public speaking every week for 20 years and working with Elizabeth opened my eyes all over again. Her depth of experience and ability to right-size it for the people she’s working with is remarkable. She can support writing as well as delivery of speeches.  

‘Elizabeth makes you feel like your goal is the most important thing - and you feel more confident. If you need to make a speech that MATTERS, call Elizabeth first!”  

- Julie Castro Abrams, CEO and Founder, How Women Lead  

This is the easiest way to skyrocket your career WITHOUT wasting time and effort wondering how to make the leap.  

The System is simple: Step 1 Pick Your Niche - Tell us who your target audiences is and we’ll help you figure out where to find them  

Step 2 Hone your Message – create language designed to appeal to YOUR market  

Step 3 Master the Step by Step Processes - to get you positioned as a sought-after expert  

Step 4 Put It to Work In Your Biz Start building the relationships that will get you hired again and again.  

 “As the branch manager of a high-profile bank, I do a lot of presentations. Until I started to work with Elizabeth Bachman, I did not know there was so much science involved in public speaking. Now, whenever I address a group, I give them valuable advice, outline why my bank is different, and tell stories that make my listeners want to come in and check us out. I follow this with a very strong close and call for action that has more than tripled my audiences’ engagement and response. Everybody wins!  

“Elizabeth is supportive, creative and incredibly knowledgeable. In fact, she is FABULOUS!”  

-Raymond Owens, Central Branch Manager, US Bank  

Get Booked, Get Paid is an ACTION program!

The problem is that so many speakers muddle along doing a gig here and there, but they don’t have a SYSTEM for getting booked.  

  • They don’t know what elements they need to have in place before a meeting planner or an organizer will hire them.  
  • Some people think “Oh I’ll just get a Speaker Bureau to find gigs for me.” Speaker bureaus are all well and good, but most of them won’t even look at you until you already have enough of a reputation that you can’t handle all the booking requests that are coming your way. 
  • You have to get started yourself  

But you don’t have to do this alone! Get Booked, Get Paid offers support, Get It Done time, JV opportunities, and referrals.  


Some programs will promise you instant gratification.  

The reality is — as with anything worth doing — it takes time to achieve real results. That’s why Get Booked, Get Paid Now has 2 levels:

  • Get Booked Get Paid Now Launch - 7 weeks to define your niche, get your materials ready for the corporate market and start your list of prospects.
  • Get Booked Get Paid Now Mastery - 6 months of JV opportunities, ongoing support, mastermind weekends, sessions with guest experts, and more!  

I will be with you all the way.  

 “Elizabeth is able to quickly review an individual’s strengths and challenges and set them up for an award-winning performance. She has an amazing artistic and professional background that serves for presenting to an audience. I gratefully acknowledge and recommend her work and professionalism.”  

-Darin Hollingsworth, St. Jude Hospitals / Odonata Coaching  

Q& A

If you have questions, we have answers.

Get Booked, Get Paid is for you if: 

  • You are ready to move from speaking for free to getting paid what you’re worth. 
  • You have lists of leads you should check out but haven’t had gotten around to doing so. 
  • You would like referrals from other speakers to get more leads. 
  • You want to move to bigger venues but aren’t sure where to start. 
  • You are overwhelmed by too many things to do to actively look for new gigs. 
  • There are subjects with which you would like more targeted help to accelerate your business. (i.e. “I know I should do X, but how do I integrate it into everything else?”) 
  • Maybe you have had some paid gigs but not enough to make a living

This is NOT for you if… 

  • You aren’t ready to commit to growth. (It takes 6-9 months to get established in a new market.) 
  • You are still working out your message and don’t know who your audience is. 
  • You are afraid that asking for pay would cheapen your services. 
  • You speak to entertain, and don’t care about the results you get. 

 “Working with Elizabeth has been money well spent! She is an expert in her field and has given me all of the hand-holding and support I needed to get a great speech written and get myself out there in the public eye. Elizabeth has many strategies in her tool belt to work with a wide variety of people.  

“She is articulate, professional and a lovely human being to boot!  

“Thank you, Elizabeth :)” - Kathryn Amenta, Money Coach  

Deliverables: 7-week Launch program and/or 6 month Mastery program, including joint ventures, advanced training, and referrals. This program typically has a waiting list. We take people BY APPLICATION ONLY: 

Are you ready to step up to a higher level?  

Triple or Quadruple your investment by the end of the year?  

Then… Invest in yourself, your business, and your community!  

We can’t wait to add your expertise to our group! 


“I was so impressed by Elizabeth Bachman’s fabulous techniques! I had to make a speech to open a convention, and I wanted to sound less “professorial.” We only had time for one conversation, but she helped me and rewrote my text. The result was the perfect way to open the conference. My colleagues were inspired and energized, and I felt fabulous!”  

- Dr. Maria Beckermann, Speaker & Author, Cologne, Germany